St Vinnies Sleepout

Last Wednesday the 20th of August, the Mazenod College Young Vinnie’s Conference held a Winter Sleep out. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness of poverty. 27 Mazenod College students across all year groups participated with 7 staff members. The night started with a presentation from Br. Peter Negus. Br. Peter gave a fantastic talk about an organisation called ‘Shopfront’. Shopfront is a place that provides practical hospitality for the poor and the homeless, and it is located in Maylands. Br. Peter also shared some stories about some people and how they managed to get into and then out of poverty.

After Br. Peter talked, three members of the St Vincent de Paul Society, Patrick Wallis (ex- student, 2013), Rowan Pearce (ex-student, 2012) and Danielle Massang, ran the rest of the night. They organised games and talked to us about volunteering outside of school and spoke about their experiences. Then we finally had dinner – dinner being a cup of soup and a piece of bread. Following our meal, the members of the society continued on with their activities. After all the great memories and knowledge we gained from the night, it was time to set up our cardboard beds and go to sleep.

It was a very rough night sleep with the wind and raining. At 2:30 in the morning an alarm went off to tell us that we had to move on and set up camp somewhere else. This gave everyone a great awareness about how hard sleeping out was. Everyone then went back to sleep until we woke up at 6:30am. It was the end of the ‘Mazenod College 2014 Winter Sleep-out’ and we all gathered together for a big breakfast to tell each other what we thought about the night. This Sleep-out made people more aware of poverty and how big a problem it is in Western Australia and the world. It gave us a chance to be homeless for a night and some really good memories.

Timothy Wallis (Year 9)

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