Reporting and the Australian Curriculum

The purpose here is to help parents understand the impact of the new Australian Curriculum on the reports that will be produced for our students at the end of this term. It is also important that we explain how we will be indicating student achievement in streamed courses.

The Australian Curriculum

In 2015, all schools in Western Australia will be reporting against the new standards set out in the Australian Curriculum for English, Mathematics and Science. The Australian Curriculum is a national initiative to align the education of students across all Australian states and territories.

The following subjects will be reported against the Australian Curriculum:

  • English Years 7-10
  • Mathematics 7-10
  • Science 7-10

Other subjects will be reported using existing measures of what is expected for those learning areas until their Australian Curriculum courses are released in the coming years.

 The Australian Curriculum Standard

Grades in Australian Curriculum courses (English, Mathematics and Science) are drawn from the Achievement Standards set out for those courses. Achievement standards indicate the quality of learning (the extent of knowledge, depth of understanding and sophistication of skills) that students should typically demonstrate at each year in their schooling. An “A” grade describes excellent achievement of the standard while a “C” grade describes a satisfactory achievement of the standard.

Streamed Classes

“Streaming” refers to placing students in classes according to their ability. At Mazenod, we do not stream classes until Year 10, although there are ‘Modified’ classes in English and Maths to support students with specific learning needs.  In Year 10 English, Mathematics and Science courses, students are organised into streamed classes. Additionally, some students are enrolled in Modified Maths in Years 8 and 9 or Modified English in Year 9.

In these streamed courses, the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards do not give parents a complete picture of their sons’ development. It is our belief that parents want to know both how their sons are achieving in relation to a national standard as well as how they are achieving in their streamed courses.

For this reason, we have included a Course Achievement indicator. This will mean that a student in a Year 10 Standard English course might be a “D” in relation to the Australian Curriculum but his achievement might be considered “Satisfactory” in terms of the Standard course.

Further Information

Below are a list of links and resources for more information about the Australian Curriculum:

 ACARA About the Australian Curriculum (video)[Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority]
 SCSA Frequently Asked Questions[School Curriculum & Standards Authority WA]
 SCSA Reporting Policy for WA Schools[School Curriculum & Standards Authority WA]



Reporting and the Australian Curriculum: Presentation to Mazenod P&F 

The following video is a recreation of the presentation given to the Mazenod P&F seeking their feedback on proposed changes to our reports. Their feedback helped us to develop a report that gives clear feedback to families while allowing us to report against both the Australian Curriculum and student achievement within streamed courses.



Reporting and the Australian Curriculum: Reports Explained

The following video offers a more detailed explanation of how our reports are structured.