Laptop Programme

In 2010, we introduced our 1:1 Laptop Programme. By 2014 every student in the College will have their own laptops for use in lessons and at home.

Each student’s laptop is leased for three years. Currently our students use HP laptops  – these are highly robust machines that we trust will meet student needs across all of their subjects for the three years of the machine’s lease. Moreover, we have invested in supporting these machines with IT support staff who are available at school to ensure that technical issues can be resolved quickly.

We believe that learning is enhanced by the integration of ICT into learning. Students have access to knowledge anytime, anywhere. Online resources allow students to deepen their understanding of what is learned in class, and the creative potential of students is unleashed as they are able learn by creating a wide range of products ranging from movies and animations to published texts and music.  Additionally, students can collaborate and share their work with others online, providing a richer environment for students to learn from their teachers and each other.

In quantitative subjects, students can gather accurate real-world data and use this to develop their understandings of statistics, thermodynamics and projectile motion.

In the humanities, students can publish their writing online, they can visit any location on the globe and gain access to sources that have been up until now kept in faraway libraries.

Across all learning areas, students have access to resources that will enhance their ability to understand complex ideas and to develop skills that will help them realise their academic, personal and vocational potential.

The limits of what technology can do are constantly expanding, but what is most important is that the limits of what our students can do and learn expands along with it. To enable this, we are committed to the ongoing professional development of our staff in using technology in the classroom. Our long-term strategy is to continue to develop the ways  we deliver education in a technology-rich classroom while ensuring that we can adapt to new technologies as they evolve.