Extension / Support

At Mazenod, it is our philosophy that students in Years 7-9 learn best in mixed ability groups with their peers. In Year 10, we stream students in preparation for the various pathways they will take in Senior School.

Education Support

Our Education Support team consists of a team of education support teachers alongside two School Psychologists.

In Years 7-9, students needing education support for literacy and numeracy come out of some lessons in English, Society & Environment and Mathematics in order to receive that extra attention. In these years, our classes for core subjects are organised around Form groups without streaming.

Academic Extension

While there are some students who experience difficulty with some subjects, there are also those who need to be challenged further. For these students, we offer academic extension in English and Mathematics. As with education support, these students come out of some lessons in English and Mathematics in order to be confronted by more challenging concepts and skills. In Science, students may apply for admission into the Specialist Science Programme, which is a stand-alone course that is taken in addition to regular Science lessons for students with a aptitude for Science.