School Structure

Mazenod College is committed to giving its students every opportunity to achieve academic excellence. Our founder, St Eugene De Mazenod calls us to “Leave nothing undared for the sake of the Kingdom”. It is with this in mind that we challenge ourselves to be innovative in our teaching and challenge our students to strive towards their own person best.

Lower School

The middle years of schooling are a critical period for the education of young men. It is during these years that ‘engagement’ becomes a crucial theme in their learning. The learning provided to students in Years 7-10 is engaging while also being challenging. For our middle years students to become young men in pursuit of personal excellence, we must give them opportunities to grow in confidence in their younger years. Both the academic and the pastoral programmes at Mazenod College work to ensure that our young men enter Senior School with a strong sense of self-belief.

From Years 7-10, students at Mazenod experience a varied and challenging curriculum, providing them with a range of different learning opportunities while giving them opportunities to increasingly specialise in areas that interest them.

The core curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, Society & Environment, Health & Physical Education, and Religious Education is complemented by learning in the Visual & Performing Arts, Design & Technology, Information Technology and Italian. As students progress through each year of their education, they are able to specialise further through their selections of these options.

Senior School

Our Senior students are expected to lead the College as examples of young men in pursuit of personal excellence. It is in these final years of school that futures are forged, and at Mazenod we work towards ensuring that these futures are guided by the values of our students’ families and of St Eugene de Mazenod

In Years 11 and 12, our students study towards achieving their WACE by studying six subjects. Among these, Mathematics, Religious Education and English (or Literature) are studied by all students.

Mazenod College offers a wide range of courses for students to use to gain entry to university and TAFE courses, and to help them enter the workforce through apprenticeships and traineeships.

Additionally, students may work towards various VET qualifications as part of their program of study.

Underpinning all of this is our belief that the Senior Years are not the end of our students’  education; rather, they are the beginning of his lifelong learning experience.