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AEC v1.0.4
AEC v1.0.4

This page has been designed to provide student and families with a resource to assist in investigating careers and make decisions about post school options.You can use this site to get information about University, TAFE, Apprenticeships and other types of training and employment options. Feel free to drop into the Careers Office if you have any questions or email Jake Delaney .

Important Information

School Curriculum and  Standards Authority (SCSA)

Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC)

Important dates can be found on the school calendar


Post School Options


In Western Australia there are 5 major universities. The hyperlinks below contain information including scholarship information and alternative entry pathways that are directly relevant to students.

University of Western Australia Alternative Entry Scholarships Course Finder
Curtin University Alternative Entry Scholarships Course Finder
Notre Dame University Alternative Entry Scholarships Course Finder
Murdoch University Alternative Entry Scholarships Course Finder
Edith Cowan University Alternative Entry Scholarships Course Finder


It is important to remember that the main website for university cut-off score information and the place to go to enter your university preferences is the TISC website. This website also has an ATAR calculator so you can track how your ATAR score is progressing.

Outside of WA’s TISC, if you are interested in going to a university in another state there are similar state organisations that deal with tertiary enrolments:

  • Victoria – VTAC
  • Queensland – QTAC,
  • New South Wales  & ACT – UAC,
  • South Australia & Northern Territory – SATAC,
  • Tasmania (including Australian Maritime College) – UTAS

The My University website allows you to search for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses across Australia. This website also compares courses giving you an idea of what might be a better course for you to choose for your degree.


While TAFE is still the main provider of training in the trades area, TAFE colleges have changed greatly over the last 10 years. Many of them are now no longer just providers of courses for the trades industries but they have branched into a range of professional courses that in some cases go right up to a Bachelor level.

Some universities have also established relationships with TAFE colleges that allow the achievement of a Cert IV or Diploma to gain entry into that university.

Each of Perth’s 4 major TAFE colleges has a range of similar courses that they offer, but they also have their own unique courses as well.

  • Polytechnic West Specialty courses in: Aviation, Food & Hospitality, IT, Vet Nursing, Diesel Mechanics.
  • Challenger Institute of Technology Specialty courses in: Instrumentation, Process Control, Maritime Studies, Leadership Studies, Environment and Horticulture, Frontline Management.
  • Central Institute of Technology Specialty courses in: Fashion, Mining, Graphic Design, Film and Television, Sport and Recreation, Education Support.
  • West Coast Institute  Specialty courses in: Carbon Management, Allied Health, Education, Automotive, Events Management, Police Preparation.

An apprenticeship is an exciting way to earn a living while learning skills that will set you up for life. The majority of apprenticeships last between 3.5 and  4.5 years. Once you have completed all the skills required you will get the full apprenticeship certificate. Most apprenticeships are completed to the Certificate III level with some more complex ones reaching the Certificate IV level.

In Western Australia there are over 80 apprenticeships available. Click here for the full list.
There are two main types of apprenticeship programs.

  1. Direct indenture – This is where you are employed directly by a business. The owner is responsible for all your pay, paperwork and superannuation etc. The easiest way to find a direct indenture apprenticeship is through websites like Seek and the Apprenticentre Jobs Board. Other websites include Westjobs and Career One.
  2. Group Training Schemes – In this instance you are employed (hosted) by an external company. These companies make their money by finding you a business that is looking for an apprentice. The external company is responsible for your pay, paperwork and superannuation etc.

Some examples of Group Training companies are:

When applying for an apprenticeship sometimes you will have to undertake an aptitude test to see if you have the required skills. The Apprenticeships Australia website has some practice tests that may help you decide if a certain pathway is right for you.

Skillsone has hundreds of videos that will give you information on many trade and business areas.