Student Leadership

Students are provided many opportunities to demonstrate and develop leadership during their time at Mazenod College. While all students are expected to display leadership within the course of their daily school experiences there are numerous leadership positions for which they can apply.

Each Form class has Form Representatives who apply for the position and who are required to go through an interview process before being appointed to the role.  Each Year group has a representative on the Student Council.

Students who are appointed to leadership positions in lower-school take part in a training programme during the term of their appointment.

Year 11 students can be selected to act as Peer Support Leaders where they are responsible for a small group of Year 7 students during the early transition into secondary school.  Those students who nominate to take part in the Peer Support Programme take part in a training camp in the latter stages of Year 10.

Year 11 students can nominate to be considered for the role of College Prefects. A group of students is selected from those who nominate and they take part in a Leadership camp and interview process during Term 3 of Year 11, and Prefects are appointed in Term 4 of that year.

There are a variety of other roles in the College where students can demonstrate and develop their leadership skills, including the Boarding Council, Young Vinnies, Performing Arts and a variety of sporting teams.