Fiji Scuba Diving and Cultural Tour

This year’s trip to Fiji was the third time Mazenod has ventured overseas to experience the cultures and oceans of other countries and what an amazing trip it was. 

We started our diving activities on day 2 with students needing help with their equipment and diving techniques. It was great to see how much the boys improved over the 10 dives.   The diving was amazing with beautiful coral gardens, vertical walls, swim throughs, turtles, sharks, barracudas, and heaps of other fish life.  It was wonderful to be able to expose the students to such a range of underwater geology and marine life where the diving was so very different to Perth,  with warm waters and such a different terrain.  The excitement on the boy’s faces after seeing their first shark up close up and mantra rays swimming past, was great.

 A big part of the trip was the day we spent at a local village school.  During Term 2 students fundraised $1000 to donate to the local school, and with Rugby such an important part of the local culture this money will be used to help refurbish their school oval.  During our visit we were invited into the classrooms and the differences between the resources available to this community school compared to Mazenod were very notable. You could see the impact that this experience had on our boys, making them appreciate what we are lucky enough to have back home. 

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Daniel Rogerson and Susanne Biffin