Our Values


Eugene De Mazenod

As a Catholic College established by the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate we look to our founder, St Eugene De Mazenod, for our spirit, mission and values.

Over a number of years our staff studied the diaries and letters of St. Eugene and based on his own writings and words we arrived at our Mission statement and College values.

Our College Motto, taken from the writings of St. Eugene himself, goes back to our foundation in 1966.
These are not simply words for us. They are “the way we live together” in Mazenod. They underpin ALL that we do together and they express both our expectations and our hopes.

OUR MOTTO – (Taken from the writings of St. Eugene De Mazenod)

Mazenod College is a welcoming, learning community, following Jesus Christ in the footsteps of St. Eugene De Mazenod. Working with the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate we seek to inspire both ourselves and others to “Learn What We Are in The Eyes of God”. Along the path of that discovery, we seek to promote and protect and ultimately help create a community where all feel valued, respected and loved by God.

OUR VALUES:  (The way we live together)

1. To have an awareness of the dignity of all people.
2. To be close to the people with whom we work and learn from them.
3. To be committed to the Missionary and Prophetic Church.
4. To “Leave nothing undared for the sake of the Kingdom.”
5. To be people of passion for Christ and the Gospel.
6. To strive for personal excellence.
7. To have high expectations of others.
8. To ensure adequate health and rest of ourselves and all we work with.