Our History


The Oblate Cross

The foundation of Mazenod College was born of a dream – a dream to establish Catholic Education for boys in the Hills above Perth.

This dream came to light in 1963 when two Oblate priests at the Lourdes Monastery, Lesmurdie, met with the local Member of Parliament (Mr. Dunn) and Real Estate Agents.

On the map of the Hills a block of land was set aside for “Education Endowment”.

Following two difficult years of detailed discussion and negotiations, Deeds of Land were offered to the Oblates on January 27th 1965, providing both building and classes could begin within two years.

For a financially poor Religious Congregation the task of raising funds to meet this demand was challenging – to say the least. However, following the vision, enthusiasm and energy our of our Founder, St. Eugene De Mazenod, no-one doubted that the job could be done.

A dream will remain only a dream unless the local community wish to make it a reality.
Without the incredible coming-together of local community and Oblates (Fr. Ian MacKintosh and Fr. Denis McCarthy) the dream would have remained only that – a dream!

Today, Mazenod College prides itself on its community spirit and we talk with great pride of our “Mazenod spirit.”
I have no doubt that this was born in those early days of 1965 and I truly believe it has not been lost since then.
Land began to be cleared in May, 1965 and the foundations of the first Mazenod College building were laid only four months later. (Remember: This was before the age of multi-purpose rock-breakers when raw dynamite and back-breaking digging was the only way to clear and level land for building purposes!)

Our first College building was finished in May 1966.

The actual start of Mazenod College as a school was February 14, 1966 when Frs. McCarthy and Mackintosh welcomed thirty-one boys as the first grade 6 & 7 students of Mazenod College, Western Australia.

Shortly after this Fr. Don Hughes was appointed as the first Rector of the school and Mazenod College was officially opened on May 8th 1966.

Our Oblate dream to serve the people of Western Australia through education was fully realized when we established a Boarding residence in 1967, thus enabling students from rural areas to benefit from a quality education in a Catholic and Oblate tradition.

Mazenod College, Western Australia, is one of three Colleges founded by the Oblates in Australia. We share a common vision and mission with Mazenod College, Victoria and Iona College, Queensland. In more recent years St. Eugene’s College, Queensland, was founded within a parish operated by the Oblates and so the message and traditions of St. Eugene De Mazenod continue to grow and develop in our time.